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My Story

I have been drawing all my life. As a little girl I remember studying the lines of my hands and the forms of the 101 Dalmatians. In my teenage years the perfectionist in myself steered my art with a desire to achieve photo-realistic images and have immaculate smudge-free notebooks. This dedication to fine-tuning my technical abilities led me through a fashion degree at Central Saint Martins in London. I’ve since let go, allowing for my heart to instinctually guide my art — seeing how each piece evolves organically with as much influence from the natural world as possible. For the past couple of years my time has been split between England and the rustic coast of Maine in New England with my husband. I now find that the energy of these landscapes soaks into every piece I work on.

I like to think of my creative process a bit like cooking — when making something really special it makes a big difference to set the right ambience in your kitchen. Put on some music, maybe pour a glass of wine, revere the ingredients as you handle them and enjoy the aromas of the dish as they evolve. This positive energy will undoubtedly be tasted in the food, becoming the heart of the meal. For me, whether writing lettering with a nib and ink, designing a commissioned piece, or painting with watercolours in a garden, I like to be entirely present in the creative moment. I don’t want to feel rushed or distracted — I take my time and meditate. Depending on where I am, I want the peacefulness of the ocean or the magnificence of impossibly old oaks to be imparted somehow in the work. First I let the beauty of the empty paper look back at me, and then I begin.

Previous clients include Charlotte Tilbury, Triumph, Cosabella, London Fashion Week, Helene Berman, Love Stories Intimates, and many beautiful brides across the globe.




If you would like to get in touch about working together on something, please e-mail me.
For calligraphy and wedding stationary plenty of time allowance is appreciated to avoid a rush fee.
Prices can be sent on request once I know the nature of your project.
Thank you for taking this moment to look through my artwork!

With love,